Academies Transform Teaching and Learning

In the Academies model, teaching and learning is transformed by grouping students and teachers into career-themed academies. Teachers maintain their content planning periods, but add an additional planning period for their academy. The career teachers, core teachers, counselors and assistant principals for each academy meet regularly to plan project-based learning opportunities.

Teacher Externships

The Academies model provides the opportunity for teachers to participate in a summer externship at a local business in alignment with their academy. The externship experience allows teachers to see firsthand the industry they’re teaching in and to create project-based learning opportunities for their students.

Personalized Teaching

Teachers are cohort scheduled into academies with students in that same academy and will remain with them for three years. This consistency provides an exceptional opportunity for teachers to get to know their students on a more personal and individual level. During teacher academy planning meetings, teachers collaborate on ways to provide more personalized teaching and opportunities for intervention.

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