Scholar Experiences

To prepare scholars for what comes next, it is first necessary to show them the multitude of opportunities available to them right here in Central Arkansas. Utilizing our business partners and their commitment to sharing their time and talent with our local high schools, students will have a series of hands-on learning experiences that increase the relevance and the rigor of what they are learning within the walls of their classrooms. It all begins for scholars starting their 9th grade year.

  • Freshman Academy – Students are automatically enrolled in 9th grade and share the same teachers, counselors and administrators that year.
  • Freshman Seminar – Students learn problem-solving, study and communication skills, as well as Central Arkansas industry opportunities.
  • Career Expo – Students will utilize what they’ve learned in Freshman Seminar during hands-on career exploration with local business partners.
  • Academy Selection –  Students will choose the academy that most closely aligns with their post-secondary plans and future career aspirations.

10th-12th Grade

Students enroll in the academy of their choosing, where they will become a part of the small learning community that shares the same teachers, counselors, administrators and support staff for the duration of their high school careers.

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