Academies Improve Student Success

Students who are part of the Academies of Central Arkansas will be cohort scheduled within their Academy for core classes and can expect more personalized learning with teachers who stay with them as they advance year over year. Students receive relevant learning that provides them with real-world experiences resulting in improvements in their academics once their core classes are taught through the lens of something that interests them.

Selecting an Academy

The first step a student takes in the Academies of Central Arkansas is Freshman Seminar. This course as a freshman, in addition to teaching students the life skills to be successful in both high school and life beyond, exposes them to a multitude of careers available to them in central Arkansas. Based on that exposure, the student will make a selection of the Academy in which they will study beginning their sophomore year. A student may change Academies once after their sophomore year.

Graduating College Ready AND Career Ready

The Academies of Central Arkansas better prepares students for both post-secondary pursuits and/or entering a career immediately after high school and teaches them the skills necessary to be successful in life. Students will have the opportunity to earn dual/concurrent credit and industry recognized certifications.

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