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Welcome to Parkview Arts/Sciences Magnet High School Academies, where your student will receive the most diverse and unique educational experience in Central Arkansas. Our students learn through immersion in our performance and production classes, as well as our outstanding health and applied science focused courses. At PHS, our students will graduate prepared to contribute to our community artistically and academically. Join us as we transform our approach to teaching core and specialty content. Come and see what it means to be Parkview Family. We’d love to have you!

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Academy of Health & Applied Science

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Welcome from Principal Philicia R. Bell

principal philicia r bellHello Parkview Family and Little Rock Community!

It is with great honor that I come to you as the new Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School principal. I have had the pleasure of being a part of this great school in many capacities: as a teacher, as a parent, as an assistant principal, and now as principal. This is truly the only place that I would like to be, and I am sure that your student would feel the same from DAY ONE!

Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School is ranked as the Little Rock School District’s number one public high school by the U.S. News & World Report Magazine. We attribute this status to our diverse and driven student body, a rigorous curriculum- infused with specialty courses in the arts and sciences, and a caring faculty and staff.

As we move forward as an Academies of Little Rock School, we are working hard to bridge our tradition of excellence and the freshness that will stand to meet the changing needs of our students and community.

As a Parkview Patriot, your student will enter under either our Academy of University Sciences or the Academy of Applied Design. Within the Academy of Arts and Applied Design, students will have the opportunity to specialize in pathways that include our current arts courses of plenty, but also our digital/technical- driven additions. As a University Sciences Academy student, the existing rigor will be enhanced with pathways to include a focus on medical sciences, environmental and ecological sciences, and scientific research & technical writing.

We are, and ALWAYS WILL BE, Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School, the number one LRSD school. Come be a part of our Parkview Family!

Parkview Student In Science Class

Academy of Health & Applied Science

Our Health & Applied Science Academy offers students diverse choices for a relevant STEM education. Every student can build on their core content knowledge through research, hands-on learning, and pertinent connections to math and science. Students can dive into courses that will
prepare them for further exploration in mental and behavioral health, medicine and physiology, or environmental and engineering sciences.

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Discover career and college opportunities through the research and exploration of mental and behavioral health. You will use observation, analysis, therapy techniques, psychology focused courses, and real-world experiences to explore these therapeutic services.

Use anatomical, physiological, and medical themed courses and experiences to explore body movement and therapeutic approaches to injury. This pathway explores career and college opportunities in these fields through the research and exploration.

If you’re interested in problem solving and critical thinking, discover career and college opportunities in the Engineering and Applied Science pathway. Use the skills learned in science and math to think analytically and apply what you’ve learned to find solutions to real world problems.

Students Performing in Little Rock

Academy of Arts & Applied Design

Our Arts and Applied Design Academy offers students an avenue to enhance their artistic skills while exploring the vast opportunities that art industries have to offer. Transform your educational experience by engaging in coursework surrounding the artistic technique, application, and performance of music, dance, theatre, or visual arts.

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Enhance your educational experience and discover career and college opportunities through real-world connections and training in music. You can refine your musical technique or choose to explore possibilities in music production such as sound recording
and audio engineering.

This pathway is for students interested in the technical training involved in dance or discovering behind the scenes of body movement. Discover career and college opportunities available in dance and human kinetics, refine your dance technique, and explore dance entrepreneurship and fitness training.

You can develop your theatre performance technique through acting or choose to explore other opportunities in theatre such as playwriting, stage production, or filmmaking in this pathway. Heighten your educational experience and discover career and college opportunities through real-world connections and training in theatre arts.

If you have talent in the visual arts or design fields, enrich your educational experience and discover career and college opportunities in visual and digital art. Use real-world connections and training to cultivate your artistic techniques in various drawing and painting mediums, or through concentrated areas of graphic design and digital art.

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8:30 am - 4:00 pm

  • ADE Achieving School

  • Ranked a top high School by US News & World Reports

  • Reported "Best Magnet High School" 2001-2020

  • Philicia R. Bell


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