Little Rock West High School of Innovation

Little Rock West High School of Innovation

Providing unique educational opportunities to students who wish to shine is the goal of LR West High School of Innovation. Mixing hands-on experience with a real-world environment allows students to grow in potential career paths while preparing for movement into higher education or the workforce.

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Academy of Agriculture Business & Innovation

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Welcome from Principal Karen Heatherly

Principal Karen HeatherlyWelcome to Little Rock West High School of Innovation, where we strive to be the leader in providing personalized educational opportunities, driven by the voice and choice of each student. With flexible scheduling, project-based learning and college and career coaches, students graduating from LR West are career ready, college ready and life ready!

I am excited to introduce our new Academies and Career Pathways. With the Academy of Animal and Plant Systems and Advanced Professional Studies, and the Academy of Digital Marketing, Design and Logistics, students have a wide variety of careers to explore to enhance and add to their educational experience, preparing them for the workforce or higher education. Whether students are interested in exploring veterinary sciences, conserving our natural resources, designing visual media, websites and digital advertising, or welding to medical professions, Little Rock West will engage students and feed their drive to become their best.

Little Rock West High School of Innovation is unique in how we are student-driven when tailoring the educational experience for your child. Whether a student needs a traditional schedule, virtual schedule or a blend of both, LRWHSOI is committed to serving the needs of each student all while providing highly engaging, hands-on, real-world learning opportunities. Again, welcome to Little Rock West High School of Innovation, where we are breathing new fire into education!

Karen Heatherly

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Academy of Agriculture Business & Innovation

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Students in the Veterinary Science & Industry pathway will learn principles of health and disease, basic animal care and nursing, clinical and laboratory procedures and the anatomical/physiological systems of a range of small and large animals. Possible careers in this pathway include veterinary technician, veterinarian, park ranger or animal trainer.

The Horticulture Technology pathway provides students with learning experiences related to plant agriculture. Possible careers include lab technicians, research analysts, agricultural engineer, food scientist, environmental engineer or biomedical engineer.

The Digital Marketing pathway is designed to give students a general background in digital marketing and an introduction to the rapidly growing and evolving career field. Students will be exposed to the fundamental concepts and principles of the digital experience, focus on the learning tools and skills necessary for solving business problems, and developing marketing opportunities through digital technology. This pathway will provide practical experience in, but not limited to media planning, branding, online advertising, display advertising, digital campaigns, social media, and mobile media. Students will utilizes the such programs just as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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8:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Each year a student is a Little Rock West Dragon they have a College and Career Coach helping them along the way with interest inventories, job shadowing and internships, preparing for the ACT test, job resumes and college applications.
  • Little Rock West HSOI incorporates an Advisory class each day which supports students’ academic and SEL needs through building relationships between those teachers and students.
  • Each semester, students participate on Community Service-Learning opportunities. LR West works with the surrounding community to plan projects each semester that will make a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • Little Rock West HSOI embraces the Project-Based Learning model, encouraging students to demonstrate mastery of learning through creative avenues of their own choosing, giving students a voice or choice.
  • Families have the option of students attending fully on-campus, fully virtual, or a blended option.
  • Pinnacle View Middle School

Karen Heatherly


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  • Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings

  • Academic Support offered daily through Advisory

  • College and Career Coaching

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