Students in the Central Arkansas Water Academy of Science & Construction will benefit from enhanced learning opportunities throughout their four years at Maumelle High School. In the upcoming school year, freshmen students will experience career exposure through classroom speakers and guest lecturers and will attend a career exposure event where Central Arkansas Water, along with other central Arkansas businesses, will showcase career opportunities. Sophomore students will be provided field trips and business tours and junior students will then be provided job shadowing opportunities. Together, Central Arkansas Water and Maumelle High School will develop capstone projects and internship opportunities for senior students.

As a partner, Central Arkansas Water has already begun collaborating with Maumelle High School teachers and the District Lead Academy Coach on curriculum advisement, industry credentials, hands-on learning opportunities to provide required skills for students, and needed financial resources to create a learning laboratory space for students. Central Arkansas Water will be constructing that laboratory space on the Maumelle High School campus where students can participate in industry competitions such as backhoe rodeo and meter madness. Additionally, Central Arkansas Water will provide mentorship and expertise on project-based learning embedded into coursework in both core academics and career classes.

“We are very excited to introduce the Central Arkansas Water Academy of Science and Construction at Maumelle High School. It is truly extraordinary to help create this incredible environment of learning for those students who are considering careers in our industry or other construction industries. CAW is proud to be a part of this amazing transformation and we look forward to hiring graduates from this program to help ensure high-quality, affordable, abundant, and dependable water services for decades to come.” said Tad Bohannon, CEO of Central Arkansas Water.

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